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  • Arduino Controlled Rotary Stewart Platform

    Good Day, I just saw this post while sifting for a 6 dof platform. I have collected all the hardware and need to make the platform. Please help! Could I have an autocad or similar software drawing for the bottom / top parts. Will get these cut out on Laser thru some local vendors.I await your kind reply.SIncerelyJawad MalikUAE

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  • JawadM3 commented on ahmedebeed555's instructable Aircraft Gyro Horizon - DIY1 year ago
    Aircraft Gyro Horizon - DIY

    Nice!How about the code?i am planning to do somewhat similar with an ATSAMV21 board from ATMEL / BNO055.Could you kindly help me.Sincerely,jawad

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  • JawadM3 commented on amandaghassaei's instructable "9 Degrees of Freedom" IMU1 year ago
    "9 Degrees of Freedom" IMU

    Hi Amanda,Indeed very nice work. I am a Naval Architect from the 80's era but as hobby do indulge in such electronics projects. Please help me with some advice;I have already with me an ATSAMV71, BNO 055 Xplained Pro Bosch Gyro board and Bosch barometric sensor from ADAFRUIT and want to make a similar IMU like the one you have made out. As I see you have also used an ATMEL microcontroller so could the code you have written could be part similar for the controller on my ATSAMV71 Board ?Could you guide me to some Kalman Routines for this IMU Project too, please.It could help me a great deal.Please find time to answer me.Sincerely,Jawad

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