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  • How to solder (for Jewelry purposes)

    Utube has so many videos on solder wire rings. I mess around with the cheap wire til I get the technique then use sterling silver wire to make it. I make solder rings and bracelets from wire. Also, you can find the different solder patterns techniques to use from stained glass solder videos. Hope this helps. Have a great day!

    Cool Tools & Dreamland Jewelry are great places to find settng or beautiful material to make ur own. Hope you found them since this post is 4 yrs old. Lol

    Just the info i needed. I will be using silver solder paste instead of the wire with my torch. I've made stained glass for years, but jewelry is so delicate. I got the paste because it looked easier to apply. The little solder pieces look hard to keep in place. I haven't used either so I'll be trying your technique tomorrow on jump rings for 4mm rope necklace. So, as long as i don't solder the chain to the jump ring, it will be a great day.

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