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  • JaysonB8 commented on Kurt E. Clothier's instructable Blogger Categorical Post Tabs2 years ago
    Blogger Categorical Post Tabs

    Hi sir! Thank you so much for posting this step by step instructions. This is exactly what i needed. I followed everything that you've written here and SUCCESS! i made it! ^_^Tip: spelling and capitalization is really important. I've encountered some difficulties trying this only to find out that i added just one letter to a word. ;)

    Hi there! Thank you for posting this. This has been very helpful to me as i am only starting to create my blog. I follow your instructions step by step and i think i was able to display the thing that i want to display on my blog however, when i click on the category that i have created it displays all posts that i have even the posts that i haven't labeled. What seems to be wrong with it? and how can i resolve this. ^^ Thank you.

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