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  • JeanineC3 commented on ScottSEA's instructable Put Your CatGenie in "Tech Mode"2 years ago
    Put Your CatGenie in "Tech Mode"

    I have had my CatGenie since 2006. Never had an issue. No I put a cartridge in and it drains it! WHY? I called the tech support at catgenie. They told me because of the age of my unit, they couldn't extend the $90 repair guarantee to me, hoever, they would offer mr a $30 discount toward a new one. Can I fix this problem myself? I see online tgat people refill these cartridges....thoughts? Advise? I love mt CatGenie...I have 11 cats..I simply cant live without it! However, I am now retired and on a fixed income. I wish I could afford 2 more units I foster for a "no kill" shelter. So my littlr fosters are forced to used the old fashioned smelly litter boxes.any advise, or help with this matter would greatly be appreciated!j9collins@hotmail .comthank you, J9

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