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  • JeanneM2 commented on Ninzerbean's instructable No More Roaches1 year ago
    No More Roaches

    I moved into a house and it was infested with roaches. After an expensive extermination, I found the pest just returned in a couple days. then I found your bait recipe. I mixed it up and put in inside all the wall sockets, pocket doors, water sources, etc. in the house. I had ONE roach (dying) appear in ONE YEAR). I reapplied in certain spots. It has been almost two years with NO BUGS!!!! the exterminator came by to see if I wanted him to spray again. When I explained that I no longer had a roach problem and why, he nervously requested that I not tell anyone, as it would put him pout of business! Thank you. so much. YIou are a life saver!

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