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  • JeffD51 commented on BrittLiv's instructable Ozone Generator6 months ago
    Ozone Generator

    Very well done! I've made 1 corona discharge plate myself MANY years ago and used the ballast from a neon sign. It was very dangerous but sure cranked out some O3. My next try was via uv hid lights inside a piece of pvc backed by a pc muffin fan. Those work great, but can't compete w/ corona discharge plates for output. I've seen the exact idea sold as ozone cannons. If you only need to clear the air a little, these may work better for that app., but not for killing molds imo.

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      • Microstill
  • JeffD51 commented on bricobart's instructable Paleo Lighter - UPDATED!1 year ago
    Paleo Lighter - UPDATED!

    I too really like the lawn mower recoil-r idea, but it's too large imo for this. Try a recoil spring from a weedeater or gas powered rc car, they are exact miniatures of the lawn mower. I'm currently trying to envision using a flange adapter to the top of the plastic tube so you could mount the actual coil housing to the spindle/lighter housing. I think I have a weedeater that's beyond cost effective repair, I'll tear it apart if/when I get a chance. I think that would just put this1 over the top.I'll let you know what I find, please keep us posted if you beat me to it.Thanks, JD

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