• How To Transfer An Image To Wood - Laser vs. Inkjet

    So glad you did this tutorial showing the difference between the two printer types. Thanks! I used a regular laser printer for mine and I tried this on tile and wood. The first print I forgot to reverse the image so I have the paper in the photo for colour reference. The modge podge didn't adhere as well to the tile (I was impatient and only waited 2 hours for it to dry). Perhaps if I took some sandpaper to the tile, first before the modge podge then it wouldn't have rubbed off as easily. The colour transfered to the tile better than the wood. Maybe the wood absorbs the modge podge and ink a little more or maybe the wood colour just blended with my image a little more. I found that holding it under the running water and gently rubbing with my thumb was more gentle than rubbing with a cloth.I made this because I need a lawn sign... I refuse to pull dandelions and I wanted a gentle way to tell my persistant weed pulling neighbour to leave them and enjoy the bright yellow flowers in the spring. :-) Save the bees! :-)

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