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  • JennyF33 commented on cpacker1's instructable Bowl of Worms Anyone?1 year ago
    Bowl of Worms Anyone?

    Wow, I had a tremendous hard time figuring out how to pour the liquid into the straws. The liquid just kept coming out of the bottom and filling up my container. I even trying saran wrap on the bottom with a rubber band tight around it. I finally just laid all the straws in a rectangular container and put the straws in there. How did any of you get this to work by setting the jello vertically?! Sure hope they harden. I see some comments below that say they haven't set well for them.

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  • Homemade Flaxseed Hair Gel for Curly, Frizzy Hair

    I just tried making this for the first time. Unfortunately, it's a fail...I can't get it through a towel and I can't even get it to go through a strainer. It's very mucousy/snotty looking.

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