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  • DIY Replacement Zeo Sleep Monitor Headband Sensor

    Great instructions! On my first try I tapped one of the studs a bit too enthusiastically, and the connector to the Zeo bent a bit. It would fit, but then pop out. So, I know to use a firm but gentle tap with the hammer. I had trouble getting the ends of the yarn to be tidy enough in the back. They took up so much room that I couldn't get a seal all the way around with my patch fabric. When I make the next one (when I don't tap as hard), I think I'll use thinner yarn (the first was worsted, maybe I'll use DK), or a slightly wider strip of iron-on patch fabric. I can always take the Zeo off the headband sensor to charge it (I have a bedside model) if the fabric proves too bulky.

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