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Aug. 7, 2016
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  • Jeremy67 commented on HackerBoxes's instructable HackerBoxes 0008: Clockwork2 months ago
    HackerBoxes 0008: Clockwork

    I get that problem on Windows7 and Windows10http://leftbraintinkering.blogspot.com/2013/05/usb...You basically have to download an old version of the driver, then go into Device Manager and tell the Com port to use that driver, then it worked for me

    Download TimeAlarms.h and import itI used this one:https://github.com/PaulStoffregen/TimeAlarms

    When I first ran the BASIC and RTCtoLCD programs, they functioned perfectly. However, the wires linking my 7-segment 4-digit display VCC to the Arduino Pro mini was kind of loose (the connector just doesn't seem to be snug). Nudging it would shut off the display. When I tried restarting it a few times, the display became more and more likely not to turn on at all. Now I check my serial monitor and have added a print line to show that the program runs. The program runs fine and reports serial monitor when my VCC is not connected. The VCC pin on the Arduino Pro Mini has 5V over ground. But as soon as I connect VCC to pin, the serial output stops and a red indicator light on the Arduino blinks. The display no longer turns on at all.Reverting to the BASIC example for the display also fails. I'm thinking the display somehow burnt out or draws too much current from the Arduino. Has anyone else had this problem?Note, I only have the clock unit and display attached to the Arduino

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