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    Dye Your Shoes (or other leather goods)

    I found some dark green sandals on eBay that I love, but I want to dye them black. Unfortunately, they have a cotton cord running through them, and it is has a green and white cord running through it. According to the seller, it is not removable, and a cobbler that I spoke with said he wouldn't take on the job for fear of ruining them. I really, really want these. Do you know of any sealant for cotton cord, something that would make them white and seal them, or something to protect them while I dye the sandals black? I considered covering them up with plastic wrap comma but that alone probably won't be enough. Any ideas on a product? Otherwise, wouldn't be adverse to just dying the cotton cord black, but i would of course want the cord and leather to be even. Here's a pic of the sandals:http://m.imgur.com/a/jwZDRThe sooner and answer the better since I'm watching it on eBay :-). Thank you!

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