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JesusGeek (author) 5 months ago
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Hello! I just read you used a tap light to make an Ironman Arc Reactor. Are you going to post an instructable?

JesusGeek (author)  Grafx4Life2 months ago

I might actually. Recently my father had a cheap metal coffe cup break, and the body looks similar to the Arc Reactor props I see on ATMel's Pinterest board so I might as well. Only thing is I need a tap light and some copper wire.

Yeah I went looking at Home Depot and Home Hardware for tap lights and didn't find any here in Ontario. I'm trying a different approach. Nice Portal gun by the way.

JesusGeek (author)  Grafx4Life2 months ago

Dont go to Home Depot as the tap lights they have are not bright but have a strong body. We don't need that, but the Dollar Store has tap lights that are about 20,000L LED's and most of them have 3 LED's. This works fine for me, but you can also make your own with some LED's and a latching push-button.