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  • Convert Battery Powered Electronics to Run on AC

    I think I see my problem. The 13v adapter is only a 750 mA and the batteries are 1300 mAh. Does this matter? Will the adapter overheat or can I add something to increase the mA rating of the adapter?

    Please also be gentle with me. I know nothing about regulators/resisters etc. I was wondering if you could help me. I am trying to make a wireless Arlo cameraby Netgear designed for exterior conditions wired to an AC adapter. It uses (4) CR123batteries which are 3.2v per battery. How can I make an AC/DC adapter work? Ifound an 13v adapter. Here is a link to it. don't know if the output specs for the battery vs. adapter are compatible.Can you tell me if your process will not damage the camera or help me with what exactly I need? Thanks for yourhelp.

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