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  • JimmyJ51 commented on sugarhi911's instructable Simple Self Playing Guitar!1 year ago
    Simple Self Playing Guitar!

    I don't believe it. I want video with sound or this doesnt work.

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  • Turn any old Radio into a rocking Guitar Amp (the EASY & SAFE way)

    So you really think it is the bias? And that is why you are not getting a "hotter sound"? Maybe you didn't have the gain knob turned all the way up. Try turning you channel volume all the way up, then adjust your volume with the master volume. I would leave the bias set to spec. Or did you check the bias? Most folks would not want a stereo Over Biased. That would not be very hi-fi, and the tubes would burn up faster. With the goofy stuff aside. Use a overdrive. A stereo is suppose to be clean. The bias is not the reason for your mild temp tone. It is because you are playing a stereo as a guitar amp. Retube it, set the bias to spec. You can swap out the V1 if you want. And put a dirt box in front of it. Or use a guitar tube amp.

    Quick and dirty. I like it. I think this will inspire folks to go even farther and mount some 1/4 jacks, custom LED lights, refinish, etc. GJ

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