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  • Jlowd commented on wonderfulidea's instructable The Amazing Bucket Stool!3 weeks ago
    The Amazing Bucket Stool!

    An electric knife works well.

    I am a Girl Scout volunteer (50 +yrs)Girls Scouts make seats like this to take camping for over 20 years. Thery put lunch, snacks, crafts or jackets in them to keeps things clean and dry. Girls come up with interesting designs no two are a like.I made a bag with several pockets to hold items like pen&paper, fire starters etc. Put the bag inside the bucket so that the pockets are usable. Still have room for jacket, lunch etc. Make it with a drawstring, fit over the bucket opening that will keep tha bag in place.And that way the bag can removed and all items will be togather, if you need to use your bucket to gater wood or carry water or whatever.

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  • Jlowd commented on valentinepeter's instructable Copper plated, Domed Altoids Box1 year ago
    Copper plated, Domed Altoids Box

    I have removed paint from Altiod tins for years by putting the tins in a fire and burning off the paint. Much safer than poison root killer or sulfate-Pentahyrarte.I have even used my electric stove with very good results.

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