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  • I'm having the same trouble in my Incredimail. What's weird is, when I actually click on the title, the bar isn't full which would allow me to scroll, but after a second or two, the bar is full and can't scroll down. It might an Incredimail issue, however it only occurs with newsletter emails, so it could also be the coding that a certain newsletter site or software is using.

    No, it's not a loading issue

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  • JoanneM56 commented on Lonecoon's instructable Using Silicone Caulking to Make Molds8 months ago
    Using Silicone Caulking to Make Molds

    Have you ever tried pure silicone that you put in a bowl of soapy water? I make a lot of my jewellery molds like this and I love it - it cures really quickly and lasts forever :D All you have to do is knead it under the water until it starts to get thicker and denser then all you have to do is form it in a ball, roll it out and press your items in it. I haven't tried it, but I bet you can cut a plastic cup in too, stick the top of the cup down, and pour it on top of the object. If you do this I would think that you shouldn't knead it as much so it's still soft enough to pour it over.

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