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  • JoeC78 commented on jwilliamsen's instructable Fine Art from Cardboard2 years ago
    Fine Art from Cardboard

    Hi Jwilliamsen.I have a question. I'm making a 4 foot architecture model for my college project. Since its so long and a bit flimsy, i'm worried that if the cardboard flexes it could crack the Bondo. So instead of using a urethane coating before applying the bodyfiller, could I just coat my whole thing in fiberglass resin before applying bodyfiller or do I still need a urethane coating over the fiberglass resin??? in other words: fiberglass resin > urethane > body filler OR Resin > Bodyfiller? Also did you use Evercoat liteweight or Evercoat Rage? Thanks for the tutorial!

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