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  • Salvage Lithium Ion Batteries from Laptop Batteries

    These 5 measured between 3.99v and 4.06v each upon extraction. Unfortunately I damaged the outer green shield on one of the six whilst breaking the laptop battery case open so that went straight in the bin. Looks like these ones are 18650C4 GB cells: They're not charged or tested yet but initial multi-meter voltage measurement seem to indicate they look pretty healthy :)

    I've just now salvaged 5 out of 6 cells from an old laptop battery and did the dremel cutting / cracking the plastic seam on the case approach. Once I'd got as far as being able to prise the case open with a screwdriver, it became apparent that the top side of the battery was actually a very thin plastic peel-able cover. If I'd known this when starting out, it would have been much easier getting the battery open by pushing a small screwdriver under the edge of this thin plastic top cover. It's probably worth checking for this first before attacking your battery with power tools

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