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  • JoeM146 commented on donedirtcheap's instructable Tincloth2 years ago

    for many years. I managed a independent paint store for years.Rules for any oil-based paint stain on needs special thinners for clean up. Dispose of all waste like rags, brushes by outdoor air drying I hang them on the clothes line. The leftover paints can be disposed of to your local hazardous waste facility in your state and county. Those facilities also take your old or leftover latex paints to be batched together and given to those who know it's available.Incidentally never be lax with rags containing linseed oil raw or boiled. Linseed oil generates lots of heat as it begins to dry. Rags used with the stuff should be hung outside. Linseed oil spontaneously combusts and was the prime reason that burned down houses paint shops and such.

    Yo dude, I have a best friend opening with your name on it. Any guy who can sew his own tent and make his own water proofer out of wax toilet rings is sure to be better than my last B.F. Whom has a doctorate in organic chemistry and is pretty handy in his own right. Opening cans eluded him though.P.s. Can you cook things that do not come in cans? Popcorn does not count.

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