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  • John in Ottawa commented on Proto G's instructable 1000W Portable Induction Heater3 months ago
    1000W Portable Induction Heater

    Thank you for this excellent instructable. I plan to build this. I'll start with the battery powered version, may or may not progress to the power supply option.A couple of questions. Sadly my existing drone batteries are too low capacity, so will have to purchase for this project. Any suggestions on capacity and discharge rate? I see you used XT60 connectors, some of the battery options use a T connector. Are there advantages to the XT60 for this project?If I do wander toward the power supply route, I read lots of observations below on the variac. I see references both to isolated and to simply fused (not the same of course). Is isolated required for this application, or is fused enough?ThanksJohn

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