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Sept. 24, 2015
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  • Out West Truck Camper with VW Camper Van Inspired Roof

    Having the condensate drip on you would be irritating. I would buy a drain plug to fit into the air conditioner drain hole and use clear tubing to direct the moisture to the side of the camper. Another Idea although it might be expensive would be to use a regular RV air conditioner. I would mount it through the the roof possibly amid ship. You could then leave it mounted. The closer to the hinged end the easier it will be to lift the roof.

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  • DIY Irrigation Pots - a modern take on an ancient technique

    I would fill the completed ollahs with water and measure the time it takes to empty. This will help you to maintain a healthy amount of water in the planting. Over watering is almost as bad for plants as under watering. Adding Mulch to the pot or any planting is a very good idea. The practice helps to reduce evaporation and adds nutrients to the soil as well. Mixing your fertilizer in the water makes that process easier also.

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