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  • JohnD164 commented on velacreations's instructable Chispito Wind Generator12 months ago
    Chispito Wind Generator

    the thing with this is.. there is no rpm limiter.. so if a high wind comes well those blades break off and can kill someone.. thats why commercial units use a mechanical or electronic rpm hall sensor or some kind of rpm limiter... so i woulndt use pvc blades you can buy blades that are designed for this pvc likes to shater into razors

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  • JohnD164 commented on icecats's instructable Fire Power: Electricity from heat12 months ago
    Fire Power: Electricity from heat

    i dont know where this guy is getting 30 bucks from a peltier cooler is only 6 dollars or less on ebau.. and you dont need a battery holder some rare earth magnets for 1 dollar and some bolts and nuts on the end of the wire then just put on the magnet it will stick to the bolt and stick to the battery ends.. and wire thats lieing around the house.. and heat sink use a old laptop one etc it needs to be fairly big to disapate more heat than its getting or the peltier will be damaged..

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