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  • JohnD559 commented on tallman1996's instructable PVC Instrument1 year ago
    PVC Instrument

    quick estimate, at Home Depot, 220' of 2" PVC pipe with 45 couplers (1 per note) and 100 90 degree elbow, on August 1, 2016 is little under $190. I have never built one Elbow quantity needed is a guess and design dependent, also the largest cost on PVC at nearly $1 each. Bore cutter approximately $30. Assuming you have rest of tools needed, should be able to build in the $300-400 range, possibly under $250 if you already have lumber. Another $20- $50 if you mount on wheels. Cadenza chromatic tuner app on iTunes is only $1, should be good enough. StubbyJ paddles, $50, with $15 US shipping. Might DIY early ones.Hope this helps.

    the boards were unpainted construction lumber. He drilled holes in the boards with a bore cutter sized 2 1/2 inches in diameter. He then painted the boards.

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