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  • JohnH339 commented on Naran's instructable Cheapest Smart Home for $3811 months ago
    Cheapest Smart Home for $38

    I like the build, however it would really be helpful if you could link to the items you bought. Specifically, the RF transceiver module, and the smart sockets.

    Although wifi is somewhat prevalent, many power sockets are behind things and in distant corners of your area of control. Wifi is working in the 2.4Ghz band, which is good for speed, but does not propagate a signal very well in various conditions. Compare that to 433Mhz-315Mhz band, which has little issue with signal propagation. 433Mhz will be a much slower signal, but that's ideal for home automation since you are sending small simple messages back and forth.

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  • 1$ Wireless Speaker That Connect's in 0.0000000001 Seconds !

    Jeez, backup for just a second. I admit his title is a little bit "click-bait", HOWEVER people have been struggling with how to connect to docking stations for a looooong time. This actually creates a really neat solution to that dilemma, since you simply need to locate the speaker on your smartphone, put the coil near it, and you can pump the sound over your loud speakers!Excellent job!

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