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  • JonC90 commented on ethan92492's instructable Build a Portable Rough-Sawn Shed1 year ago
     Build a Portable Rough-Sawn Shed

    I developed a way to build a totally isolated, easy setup prefabricated units starting at 2,000 total for 8x8.10 times stronger than the ones at the home improvement stores and less cash. I will post pics on the next one. Great job!

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  • JonC90 commented on MotherDaughterProjects's instructable Indoor Drywall Repair1 year ago
    Indoor Drywall Repair

    I like to cut a nice square size of drywall and use it as a outline by tracing it on the wall that needs the repairs. If i dont break it on the studs, i use a 1x4 to re enforce the seams. I also use fast set powder mud mix it in the pan with just a little water, not too thin, and then use a hair dryer to dry it between coats. You can use a sponge to smooth out the rough areas. Then use the texture in a can. Perfect everry time.

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