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  • JonD7 commented on HackerBoxes's instructable HackerBoxes 0010: Phython Pi1 year ago
    HackerBoxes 0010: Phython Pi

    In case anyone else runs into this issue, here's a mirror containing the image file: be sure and verify it's md5 sum!

    Anyone else having issues getting to I'm just getting a blank page (not a 404), but seems to work fine. Could someone please link a direct url to download the image.7z file, so I can grab it directly. Thanks!

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  • JonD7 commented on jimk3038's instructable Raspberry Pi Internet Weather Station2 years ago
    Raspberry Pi Internet Weather Station

    Made this project using a Rpi3, and the new Rpi 7" touchscreen. Had to adjust the display resolution to fit properly, but it looks great! Will probably modify the code to allow for touch (instead of keyboard) input, and add a few more screens.

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