• JonR68 commented on netzener's instructable Neon Goofy Lite6 months ago
    Neon Goofy Lite

    Thank you so much... I built these as a kid in the 70s and rebuilt one in the 80s and have one on my desk thats been lit off n on for 30 years now... This was my all time favorite kit and I am a neon artist/sign glassblower for 34 yrs, I am now 56... I had to replace the lamps a while back... I have Googled this project/product for several years off and on even about 8 months ago hoping someone would recreate it and late tonite I Googled it again and this popped up... Ill order the stuff right away and this time in going to do the sequential one along with my favorite, the random... I always built the random but I want 1 sequential to have around... I found a similar line voltage kit years ago with green lamps but it did not have the same feel and look... cool tho, but not the same as my beloved original...Thank you for investing your time to update this classic project... Ill teach my 22 yr old son to build one as I did long ago when I was in my teens...

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