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  • How to Use MQTT in Arduino Without an Ethernet Shield

    i had this problem. Found the solution.they both have the same client id (or clientname): "esp8266" or somthingjust give them different names.

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  • Capacitance meter with arduino and 555 timer

    used 1.07881 instead of 1.1 as time constant as according to this site http://mustcalculate.com/electronics/capacitorchar... and i got a little better result. other than tat it was a fun little exerciser. First one i think i have done on this site.

    maybe use a n channel mosfet or bjt instead of direct button and puls it shortly from the arduino.if one holds the button to long, the charge will not go down at 2/3 of vcc but keep rising. and will delay the falling edge. this coud be a problem at small farads

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  • JonasN1 commented on KJ4ZVQ's instructable Breadboarding: The Darlington Pair1 year ago
    Breadboarding: The Darlington Pair

    i do realize that this is 3 years old.but, my guess would be that since you are battery powered your finger has no real potensial in respect to the circuit. if connected to to usb charger or similar connectet to the mains, you have a potential in respect to ground. when you toutch the led pin this also applies

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