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  • Old PC Fan ----> Wind Turbine in 10 Minutes

    when running at full speed from the computer, these draw about 200 miliiamps at 12 volts. if you got half that on each you would be doing very well on a very windy day.

    Your fan is not more modern having 3 wires, it is simply one that has the ability to be regulated and usually attaches directly to one of the fan ports on the motherboard. Two wire fans simply run at full speed and have fewer chips on their board..

    well, not really. first you have not defined the voltage of the battery but I infer 12 volts. Second, while it will put out electricity, it might not be even enough to counter the natural loss of a lead acid battery (like a car battery) so you would need a number of these to have any measurable effect.

    IC = Integrated Circuit (black square chips)Pins are the little points that extend from the chip through the board and are soldered on the opposite side. Watch a youtube video on soldering to help with learning how to remove the chips from the board without burning everything up. Soldering and de-soldering take practice,

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