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  • JonathanP30 commented on bekathwia's instructable Quadcopter Spray Can Mod9 months ago
    Quadcopter Spray Can Mod

    This would be great for Construction planning or path markings.Instead of having to either resurvey and respray paths/ floor plans/ etc.Once you have it mapped a path out once, using the sonar to keep your altitude at a low pass with a downward facing can, it could be a great fly by marker.On the plus, with a good lock, you could either lay down a grand outline for large scale art projects, lay down floorplans to make construction conceptually easier in stages. (Also makes for simple reapplication)Maybe your drones will be drawing the lines on football fields and baseball diamonds (load the flight plan for simple repeat-ability.Great job! Even if it hasnt put Banksy out of the job yet ;D

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