• Smokehouse, pizza oven, garden grill - DIY tutorial

    Never ever heat up galvanize wire. The fumes are literally deadly. When zinc (which is what galvanized wire is coated with) heats up it gives of a gas that when inhaled can literally poison your lungs within minutes. People have died from this. Maybe go back and edit that part. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that.

    In response to the gentleman who said you could get rid of the galvanized coating by using muriatic acid. We are talking using this use with food. Regular stainless steel wire or twine is probably super cheap and way easier and cheaper than removing the galvanized coating period much less with a acid used to clean bricks and concrete. Probably have some lying around the house. If not lowes has it for free out front of their stores to help tying things down. Your money would be more wisely spent on some stainless steel wire than concrete cleaner. The fumes from muriatic acid with rust everything is comes in contact with. I know this to be a fact. It also makes your teeth hurt if you accidentally inhale any. All that aside. I was looking into making a kiln and stumbled across this. Looks good though!

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    3$ Disk Sander

    Agreed. I find this to be more common than anything on here. I suppose if someone gave you a sanding disk it would be free except for all of the time spent searching and collectting parts and then the time spent putting them together. Many people on here don't think of their "time" as a cost but in reality it is the one that costs the MOST. Just a reminder. It was a pretty neat way to think outside the box kudos.

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  • Create Your Own Engagement Ring and SAVE MONEY?

    Incorrect. Try coping a Tiffany's tag. See how far you get. Just using the blue color for your packaging will land you in court.

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  • Tool Organizer - Pliers and Wrenches

    Cut small notches in the back and front piece of wood as well as a few notches on inside of the slats. That being said maybe a little thicker would would have to be used,making this completely modular. I did this with plastic shelving I got from Hancock fabrics as they were closing down their store and were selling literally everything including furnishings. The plastic shelves were free and so were the dividers. Easy to clean and they are oil and grease resistant. Very durable to. This is a pretty good representation of how to do this or something similar. If your that worried about constantly changing everything around to fit stuff in A) get another tool box or just leave an extra drawer free or some open space reserved for new tools. Good video nevertheless

    Good video. Read my response to cheezdog please. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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