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  • Jonesygirl57 commented on randofo's instructable How to catch fleas11 months ago
    How to catch fleas

    Fleas live off blood and with no pets around , yes they do live off people. Either that or they go out to eat and return to taste my blood. No I doubly that but I do need a remedy for the itchy welts that are consuming me.

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  • How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs (Naturally)

    What about the flea bites on humans. I've been bitten all over by fleas and they are leaving welts on me. The thing here is they don't stop itching. I've tried Avons skin so soft , benedrayl, hydrocortisone and oatmeal. Nothing seems to help me and I must have over 50 bites on me presently. I'm going nuts.

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