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JonnyBGood (author) 4 months ago

So Nerf has now become a full time addiction, but I feel that I need to share some of the things I've learned modding nerf guns last year. I will be getting a stock rapidstrike in 2 weeks so expect a mod guide for how to build one exactly like Coop772 or as I call it Coop Spec Rapidstrike.

I've also got a Rayven Mod guide planned. It'll show how to make your Nerf Rayven into a screaming beast by showing how to add a LiPo battery, and rewire it properly.

So hopefully you'll stick around and check out my stuff. I definitely plan to start documenting more of my Nerf builds because I feel that it'll help people feel less intimidated in the wild world of modding Nerf guns.



GWorks1 month ago

I just want to make you aware of the fact that, if you are an instructable member, and click on your "What am I up to? Check here!" link, you (in this case me) get to your own Instructables orangeboard, instead of yours. I'd suggest fixing this by typing in the link:
"http://www.instructables.com/member/JonnyBGood?sho..." and taking this as link instead.
You're welcome :)

JonnyBGood (author) 9 months ago

So I'm back again!

I will willingly admit I'm fully on the nerf thing now. No this does not mean I'm selling knex and making huge changes. I'm just going to be posting some nerf stuff for right now. Expect a painting guide for the stampede to come this week in a new format!

Nice that you are back! At first I read it that you WERE going to be selling your K'nex and I was like "Dang, I hope he doesn't!" LOL.

Got some ideas for me?

Lucas The Boss11 months ago

hey man, how are you doing? So you gave me some Ideas and inspiration for knex guns so I'd like to return the favor by giving you some ideas. So I know that you like pump action guns and that you planning to build a bullpup so here's the idea. Make a handle pump action gun that is bullpup so you utilize a handle and pump in one area. So then make the mags Preloaded and bolt action. Lastly I think that you competitor V has lots of potential so use that mech in the gun. with this idea, you could be the first to actually make a compact knex bullpup which is what bullpups are meant to do.

If you need help with a handle pump, me and blue mullet just created a handle pump war gun that we designed to compete with the trs in a knex war and would love to see a similar mech used. It's called the LTB&BM weapon of war.

So this was just a idea, could you tell me what you think?

JonnyBGood (author)  Lucas The Boss11 months ago

Well there is a lot of concept in this idea, and I'm a little stunned looking at it so let's see what I can put together.

Handle pump is a cool idea, and an amusing concept. Oddalumps uses a handle pump tr8 every year so I know the mech is a viable war weapon it's just that I'm not a fan of the function. However I am willing to overlook the handle pump for the idea of making it primable with one hand! Say you have a stock long enough so you can prime it on you shoulder, which enable dual weilding which would be sweet! For the bolt action part of the concept, I think I will use my Zip3 chambering mechanism, because it extends the guns length which will make me feel like it needs the stock to occupy the space. I would strongly disagree with the Competitor V mechanism mainly because I'm sick of hammer mechanisms!!! I'm on my fifth or something mechanism revision and it's driving me absolutely nuts! The only reason I'm still working on it is to have finally made a decent hammer action knex gun.

Anyway so if I would try this concept I think I would experiment with a handle pump, Zip3 chambering mech, bullpup, and pin powered instead of a hammer for reasons previously stated. Preloadable magazines will be required because I don't think thats optional, and I think this will be absolutely sick! Will it be better than a TR8? Honestly, as neutrally as possible, I'm not seeing it. But I'll definitely try!

Thanks! I'll start as soon as I get some time!


At first I was not a fan of handle pump Either, but when me and blue mullet created the WoW or Weapon of War , I was shocked at how well it worked. We were maxing out yellow rod ranges and we're now working on getting it to shoot oodammo. If you want it to be primed with one hand, you'll have to have a strap or something to Go around you shoulder because you can't push the pump back forward without there being something to restrict the gun from moving forward. Does this mean we're not gonna get a revision of the competitor V? I am looking forward to seeing this project, because I know you wil make it epic.
JonnyBGood (author) 1 year ago
Hey guys!
I'm back with new plans. So here's what's up: expect a bullpup gun, simple pin design; and a bullpup gun concept, slingshot with a removable magazine.
I've been a bit busy lately mainly due to a new hobby which I need to balance time bet we knex and it.
Anyway that's what I got going on. Stay awesome as always!

Those sound like cool ideas! Whats your new hobby? Also I hear you gave Lucas the boss some mech idea for him to try out. Would it be okay if I take a look at the idea? or is it top secret?

JonnyBGood (author)  sonic broom1 year ago
Okay so first off, my new hobby is nerf. I've always had a lot of guns laying around and I've finally accumulated the skills I needed to be a pretty good modder. I'm also a model car builder and painter, so modded guns with sweet paint jobs.
As for that mechanism, let me sketch that up for you because I never did get around to starting it but it was a lot more practical than my last mechanism. Basically its the nerf crossbolt idea, pull back which pulls back the elastic band and pushes back the chambering arm behind the magazine, then pulling forward pulls a round out of the mag and into the firing chamber.
I'll post a picture up here tomorrow for you if you don't mind the wait. I got a lot of work this summer. Also I'm ramping up for a nerf war in Indianapolis with nerfrocketeer and as a mechanical engineer I don't intend to be outgunned. =D

Okay cool! I have a few Nerf guns too. What kind of model cars do you make?

JonnyBGood (author)  sonic broom1 year ago

Mainly sports and exotic super cars. I got a thing for the cars I will mostly likely never own. Also here's some of my Nerf work. I got more pictures in the forums.


Cool! do you plan on getting your other KNEX guns posted soon?

JonnyBGood (author)  sonic broom11 months ago

Well.... we'll see. I drift from idea to idea really easily, so I really need to update my project list because my current project isn't on the list. Expect a possible appearance of Competitor VI and a two stage trigger TR8 I've been working on.

Yeah I'm the same I can't stay focused on a KNEX gun for too long I just get a new idea and I start on that. Is your two stage TR8 kind of like the SwagBoss?