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  • JosephS180 commented on RGBFreak's instructable DIY | Ambilight using Arduino Nano1 year ago
    DIY | Ambilight using Arduino Nano

    How to determine how much amperage you would need based on # of LED's driven? I'm planning on doing a large TV Monitor and need to know if a 12V 1A supply is enough...

    Also would love to see a follow up addon project that shows adding an infrared receiver and remote to control the brightness and ON/OFF of the LED strips :)

    I'm going with the 60 LEDs/Meter vs the 30 LED/s per meter as I thought why not have more detail and more color areas (although this may backfire as it all washes together, not sure until I try!) So I think just to be save I'll get a 12V 2A adapter as with my 55" TV there may be a lot of LEDs :D

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