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  • JoshD121 commented on Toglefritz's instructable Build a Tricopter With Rotor Bits20 days ago
    Build a Tricopter With Rotor Bits

    I will add pictures soon. Ps. I made the tail 1/2 inch longer than the other two legs

    Great tutorial but I still don't understand why the yaw is required. Quad drones don't have a yaw. I built a tricopter using the parts from a broken quadcopter. For the third motor I just wired the legs for two motors to the one motor and walah. You just have to fly headless mode is all. But it works just fine.

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  • JoshD121 commented on Styluss's instructable The Poor Mans Paint Job1 year ago
    The Poor Mans Paint Job

    What 's so different about using a brush or roller. As long as you apply the paint at the same Timerate you will get the same results using a brush or roller.

    When I was 17 I painted my whole car with white out sharpies and paint markers.

    I'm going to Walmart right now

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