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    How to Make Playdough (Play-doh)

    Okay this is by far the easiest play doh recipe I have ever made. Came out beautifully! My 3 kiddos and I doubled the recipe and followed it to a T. As far as I'm concerned, you MUST use Cream of Tartar for the correct consistency to play with properly. We stirred all the ingredients together, then placed it on the stove on level 4, so medium low. Took a total of 10 minutes stirring every minute or so. Once you feel the consistency is close, turn your stove off and let it finish. I use my hands for the final mixing. Be careful, doh at bottom of pan is hot! Separate into 3 to 4 'balls' and add your coloring. Let doh completely cool before storing in sealed plastic bags. If your consistency starts to harden, just add a bit of warm water to bring back the elasticity to bit. If you do this, your play doh can last for months and be used over and over. Just remember if your consistency doesn't seem to be getting thick, just keep cooking, it will thicken.

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