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rayleb4 years ago
Bill, you seemed knowledgeable about composting. I'll re-post a comment on a composting inst. want to increase my chance a a reply b4 it's too late. lol

Well I'm about to make a big mistake I guess. I have been composting leaves dog poo and grass for a few years. I just got through tilling into a 15' X 15' area for what was intended for corn. The composted mix is about 1.5 foot deep. Does anyone know is this dangerous for planting food?
I really haven't done any mixing or adding anything specific to it. just leaves grass and dog poo. My dogs are healthy though!
Just Bill (author)  rayleb4 years ago
Funny how people will add cow, pig, horse and chicken manure to their gardens without a thought ... but question every other source.

Short answer?

If the dogs are healthy, the compost is healthy.

Most, if not all, organisms have a relatively narrow range of survivable temperatures ... even humans. A hot & steamy compost pile is more than most pathogens can deal with but, when in doubt, allow the compost to set an additional year after it stops heating up to allow weather extremes of heat / cold + hot / dry to have an effect.

The grass and the dog manure are both high in N ... so N starvation will not be a problem.

You might want to do a search for "three sisters" as it applies to inter-planting and see if you might be able to apply that method in tandem with your soil building.
Thanks for the response. I think I'll plant some and see how it affects my wife, win win.
Just Bill (author)  rayleb4 years ago
It'll make her grow big and strong. Sure you wanna do that? ;-)