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Sept. 15, 2016
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  • Portable Laminar Flow Hood

    Hey there!Thank you soooo much for the write up - This is pretty neat :) I´ve built something similar (converted an old Glove Box - bad idea actually, because the lateral Airflow is prone to turbulence and spreads contamination easier then a flow directed at the user... But I digress...)I´m having difficulty understanding the calculation of Blower Speed to Work area though. Could you please give another example calculation for something bigger?I´m Trying to calculate the Work Area for a Setup thats just a tiny bit bigger ;)Here´s what i got so far:My Blower will have appx. 700m³/h of Airflow.I´d like to have a Filter size of 52x34 cm.So according to your Formula i have 0,52(width)x0,33(height) = 0.1944 (m³/sec) /0,5 (Airspeed required for the whole concept to work).That would result in 0,093465 = 0,4 - which is obviously false :/I just cant wrap my Head around this :D Where am i going "off Track" here?Anyways, thanks a lot again, really good stuff!

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