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  • Modify a cheap LDC Condenser microphone

    I did just that and it sounds great! The only thing is it doesn't seem to handle even moderatley high SPL without getting fuzzy. Is that a product of the capsule, or do the elctronics have something to do with that too? Have you tried any of the other available capsules? Thanks

    Yep, that's why I was asking. I didn't know what part of the chain was most responsible for what sound pressure levels it can take. I plan on building the board, actually have half the pieces so far, but I just didn't know if it would effect that. As of right now it can't really handle a loud guitar amp like my other condensers. Thanks!

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  • JustinL106 commented on DJJules's instructable Modify a cheap LDC Condenser microphone2 years ago
    Modify a cheap LDC Condenser microphone

    First, thanks so much for this tutorial. So if the capsule in my mic doesn't have a circuit board on the back, it means the FET is on the board, and i can try swapping out just the capsule?

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