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  • How to remove a GPS disabler from a vehicle.

    I am happy to find this online.My sis-in-law car was just repo, in new almost midnight. such cowards. she was only late 1x. for 49 days only and yet SANTANDER rip-off bank,company sent a towing service to get it. Now, i know next time and she will do it, disconnect the GPS device fro her lien-vehicle.The dealer lied by saying,"oh this car has no gps tracking your every move so go head and buy it."She fell for it. SH didn't know..." and now? Mechanic told her in nj he will for only few bucks disconnect it for her if she want,and she will be doing it if she even get the car back,she was already approve for another vehicle with a better bank. etc. who is not being all secretive and deceptive. THANKS for this awesome site.adiosjustine in north central njMontclair

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