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Knexman153 years ago
Thanx for the epic sub!
K'nex gun builder (author) 3 years ago
Thank you all for Joining! I also appreciate that some of you have followed me, and have enjoyed some of my K'NEX creations... so I wanted to take a moment and say "Thank you all!".

ATTENTION: All of my followers and subscribers. I am retiring from this website, and I still continue to make great K'NEX inventions. Even though I haven't posted any INCREDIBLE K'NEX instructables, I just don't have the time to. BUT, if you wish to see some of my K'NEX inventions here they are:

(REMEMBER these aren't all my BEST k'nex inventions. Alot of these I built when I was younger. Including Engines, Airplanes, Vehicles, Miscellaneous, Guns, Machines, Etc.)

1-26 001.JPG1-26 002.JPG1-26 010.JPG1-26 026.JPG1-26 027.JPG1-26 028.JPG1-26 029.JPG074.JPG075.JPG076.JPG077.JPG078.JPG712 004.JPG712 005.JPG712 006.JPG712 009.JPG712 010.JPG712 011.JPGAugust 2011 001.JPGV2 Engine- K'NEX 002.JPGV2 Engine- K'NEX 003.JPG001.JPG
Some of those engines look great.
really ur retiring already?? you've only been joined for less then a month!
K'nex gun builder (author) 3 years ago
Okay! But i'm fine with the picture I've chosen now.
K'nex gun builder (author) 3 years ago
I'm sorry I've stolen your Avatar. Though I didn't even know you owned it in the first place. Anyway, I apoligize for accidently stealing your Avatar. I didn't mean to do it on purpose. So that's why I've changed my avatar.
It's fine, I was just joking so you can change it back if you want
Knexman153 years ago
Hey, you stole my avatar!!!
K'nex gun builder (author) 3 years ago
You're all welcome!
Thank you for the tasty sub. =D
chinnybeer3 years ago
Hi, Cheers for the sub and the comments, much appreciated
K'nex gun builder (author) 3 years ago
I may not be posting alot more instructables, because i'm busy, and I need to get more batteries to replace the old ones in my camera so I can post more instructables.
K'nex gun builder (author) 3 years ago
Your welcome! I subscribe (or follow) almost anyone that makes a creation out of Knex.
~KGB~3 years ago
Thanks for subbing! =D
K'nex gun builder (author) 3 years ago
Hello everyone! Welcome to I'm KNEX-pert. I have been building with K'NEX for a very long time, and I am sure to one day have a spectacular creation, oh wait.... hasn't that happened several times? LOL.