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  • KKnodel commented on MichaelM2015's instructable Bacon-Wrapped Eggs for Breakfast2 years ago
    Bacon-Wrapped Eggs for Breakfast

    yummy goodness and if you make enough ahead of time, it's a good grab and go breakfast the next day

    I've made this sort of thing with scrambled eggs...I just mix some shredded cheese in with the egg. (Mix well and it can help to microwave to help melt the cheese but not so much as to cook the egg - both ways have worked just fine & I have even added chopped veggies and crumbled Feta for an 'Omelette' twist)

    I dab a paper towel in the bacon grease (wad it so you don't get burned or wait for it to cool a little but not too much) from the oven pan and give the bottom of the muffin tin a quick doesn't take much & is bacony-good

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