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Skreetsha7 years ago
Welcome! I noticed you'd joined the site, and also that you seem to be a K'NEX fan. That's brilliant! We have a lot of keen K'NEXers here, and we're quite a busy community on the site. Can I ask you to remember a few things, though? We are keen to show off K'NEX in its best light here, so please read these points carefully (if you don't you run the risk of being labeled as a "noob") Pictures. One of the keys to a good Instructable is good photography. Please, don't use photos where the important bits are too small to see, or out of focus. Use good lighting and the macro mode of your camera. If you do not have macro, make sure things are in focus, then use an image editor to crop off the bits you don't need. Even Paint will do this. Text. This site is used by people all over the world. Lots of them don't speak English as their first language, and use translation websites to read your work. Please, do your best to use proper spelling and grammar, and avoid things like "u", and "r". Guns Now, as K'NEX gunners, we are dedicated to innovation. Innovative guns are what the K'NEXers what to see. But don't limit your self to guns, as some K'NEXers are annoyed by all the guns. And, please, no more little 12 piece guns. More! You know K'NEX is about more than guns, and so do I, so let's see your other projects - have you designed a clever robot arm? A new vehicle? A ball-sorter? Show us! Again, welcome to the site, and to the K'NEX community, and thank you for taking the time to read these hints. Hope you have fun here, Viccie.B1993,
KNEX BUILDING IS FUN (author)  Skreetsha7 years ago
um... am i supose to be ofenended with the noob thing? u have som great hints i will definatly consider and agree with many of ur hints.. i will post better picture but my friend as mentioned in the instructable has the legendary gun atm so ya ill work on it tho thx for everythin. is this a real message or copy n paste??? jw?
I didn't copy :P I write it for everyone but copy and paste would be easier. :P And no, you are not supposed to be offened by the noob thing :)
mitaspita8 years ago

Hello! Welcome to Instructables!

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After that, check out How to make a great Instructable, The Guided Tour of Instructables, and the Help Group if you have any questions.