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    Helping the Homeless on a Budget

    Props to you! Doesn't this simple (and 'yes' it Really is "simple"!) kind & compassionate act create a ripple effect of goodness/positivity? Those that receive these items feel good, doing something so selfless and knowing the happiness it brings make you feel good, others that get involved feel good and even those who merely hear of what you're doing can't help but feel better just from hearing about such basic human kindness!! I've been going out in my community doing outreach for years. There are in fact several FB groups, church groups & community organizations in my area that all share this same concerns & desire to help those less fortunate. I don't do the hygiene packs instead I maintain a supply of seasonal clothing, shoes, clean, gently used blankets/sleeping bags, tarps & sm tents when I can, I gather canned goods; soups, beans, fruit, bread, juices & water from wherever I can, often food pantries allow us to take quite a supply. I keep these things sorted & boxed in my garage and as I try to go out & feed the homeless nearest to my home atleast once a week I load everything up & as they come to get a meal I also distribute the other items. Ok.., as usual I've offered "t.m.i." So again PROPS to you!! >Nuff said<

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