• KathyG59 commented on More Cowbell's instructable Air Seal Your Attic For Energy Savings7 months ago
    Air Seal Your Attic For Energy Savings

    Excellent instructions!!! I have a terrible moisture issue in my attic due to poor ventilation and now I'm realizing because of all the warm air seeping in through the leaks. I've started foaming. I wanted to hire insulation companies, but it seems no one wants to do the hard work of removing the boards and pushing away the insulation; they just want to add vents. Any advice on my chimney, I will get the fire retardant sealer, should I add flashing around the bottom. I am having the chimney re-pointed this week, which is also an issue I didn't realize until recently. I will take any and all advice. I see you covered the bathroom vent with a box, I also have 4 recessed lights that need to be covered; I am assuming this has been the largest issue. Thank you so very much for this, I love the photos. Very informative.

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