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    Adjustable Glass Bottle Cutter

    I had bought a cheap bottle cutter online, not realizing it had a metal knocker to break the glass from the inside after scoring it. It was definitely not the way I wanted to go, and the lip ended up being so jagged I didn't even bother trying to sand it. That was back in December (I'm sure I'd STILL be sanding it today if I had decided to give it a try). I found these instructions and my husband built it for me. Works like a charm! We didn't even use a top of the line glass cutter that a lot of people recommended and it still works great. Just scored the bottle once around the circumference, then alternated boiling water with cold water out of the faucet and the bottle just breaks right off. Just a little PSA though: I was stupid and left a bottle cap on one of the bottles when running under the hot and cold water. The bottle practically exploded. Thankfully I did not end up with glass sticking out of me, and no one else was in the kitchen with me at the time. But the bottle did break pretty forcefully into a lot of small, jagged pieces. Some went down the side of the sink with the disposal and I had to stick my hand down there to get all the pieces. Gross. So...don't leave caps on. I will post some pics of the cutter and the bottles in a little bit.

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