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  • Kathyrose commented on hdmotorc's instructable How To Hem Jeans1 year ago
    How To Hem Jeans

    OMG! That is AMAZING! I have been sewing for decades & I have never heard of this! I'm 5'4" I could've used this tip!!! EXCELLENT!

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  • Kathyrose commented on DancingPope's instructable (K)NOT Braid1 year ago
    (K)NOT Braid

    WOW! That is some THICK HAIR! I used to have thick hair till I got hypothyroidism. I am so envious! (That's the good one right? The one where you are happy they have whatever it is and you want it too. VS The "I hate you & wish you didn't have this wonderful (again whatever)you don't deserve it, I should have it. (That one is jealousy, correct?) I was born in the USA for crying out loud! I should know my own language!

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  • Kathyrose commented on Mrballeng's instructable Make a ring by melting pennies. 1 year ago
    Make a ring by melting pennies.

    wow! That is a really cool idea! Beautiful ring too! That would be a cool idea for wedding bands. Use pennies from that year, or the year they met. A baby ring! From year of birth. I know that you can't see the year but you would know. Romantic!??!!!

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