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  • Another Growing an Avocado (12 years in the making)

    Hi...! I soo want to start making avocado trees, but I live in Denmark.. Right now ( february) It's ofcourse cold outside, we have some days where the sun doesn't come out, and it ofcourse wouldn't survive outside. Do you know if I can plant it inside, if it's in a window with enough light? And what about the temperature..? would it survive the next winther (january is pretty grey here).Thanks for your very helpful instructable :)Nadia

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  • How to preserve bird wings, legs, and heads...the Native way!

    Hi, I found a dead swan on the beach. It has either been eaten or lying there for a long time, the whole body is gone, only ribcage left, and it's pretty dry.. Is it possible to conserve the wings? Feels like there might still be some meat in there..Thankyou..!Kiki from Denmark

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