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Thanks for subscribing, it really means a lot.
knexsniper13 years ago
Dude... I watched some of your videos on youtube. You are amazing!
No kidding.
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Wow, you're still around? Making anything?
Kinetic (author)  JonnyBGood2 years ago
Well at times I decide to lurk here and there lol just to see if anything really amazing has popped up, but I am working on guns made out of wood at the moment. I use the same building technique as K'nex, layered building that is, but I am not limited to the strict K'nex geometry. I have a design for a mag-fed crossbow pistol that I hope to begin building soon, though it is hard to find time for it, but it will get done eventually. When it is done I will be sure to post it. How have things been with the K'nex community?
The knex community has been pretty lively lately. A lot of the original KI'ers came back so we got quite a few experience members here now. The majority of knex guns (if you haven't looked already) are usually shooting replica guns. If you wanted to see a few of them pay the Red Book of Westmarch a visit. It's cool that you're applying knex concepts to wood, personally I would make much more stuff I didn't always use knex, but then my parents think I'm going to destroy/hurt something (you should have seen my mom's face when I told her I found the 50in magnifying glass for my solar scorcher). Anyway I'll be looking for that wood crossbow pistol in the future!

Also did that machine gun concept you built have any potential in range?
Hi there! I wish you a merry Christmas, and a spectacular New Year!
JonnyBGood3 years ago
I enjoyed shooting my Kinno-2, it was much larger and used more pieces that expected but it is really fun to use. Maybe make your next Kinno a little smaller. I will definitly build the next one in this series.

Sharir17013 years ago
if you are still alive, i want you to take a look at my new contest. (forum topic)
hay guys if you like full auto guns look at mine made by knexfreek360 he did int post any instructions but i will and fill free to sub me to
Sorry but,
Johnhall444 years ago
im trying to create a new kind of mag but im encountering problems with friction it is a mag that you would put at the top of a knex gun,it shoots white rods :D
Kinetic (author)  Johnhall444 years ago
Wait...so where are the white rods contained? Sorry, but the pictures are a bit blurry its hard to tell.
yes it is supposed to hold white rods they are not in the pics, it can also hold blue rods I know it is kinda blurry but the white connectors inside are connected by a blue rod(it went to the bottom because of gravity)
That's not really a new kind of mag, just a weird type of hopper with lower-than-normal capacity.