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Fog maker is good. Thanks for following me.

Good stuffs are posted here.. Thanks you kipkay..

rajeevcool7553 months ago

Cool contents. Thanks for sharing with us.!

Shankari15623 months ago

Sounds great. Thanks for the post.

jthomson30003 months ago

Nice stuffs thanks for sharing with us.

Pantheranat203 months ago

Thanks for following me.

JM19999 months ago

Kipkay = the coolest

Aron3132 years ago
You have to make some Instructables! :D I love them!
5hockwave2 years ago
kipkay rocks
Howdy Kipkay.
tinker2342 years ago
excuse me kipkay i was watching a video of yours for the dice and i was wondering where did you get the oven used it looks good for a project of mine
hii kipkay

cool youtube !
instruct393 years ago
hey kipkay! will your rocket launcher launch a tennis ball? amybe somebody can use it to launch a ball further for their dog!
rint3 years ago
hi kipkay

in am from holland i'm a great fan of you !!
i like youre prodjects

bye rint haaksma

pleas send my a message
Hi kipkay!